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Computer Investigations, Digital Evidence, Data Recovery

Computer Investigations

Cyberlab Computer Forensics, LLC can assist you in conducting computer investigations or other inquiries. The ability to perform a tightly controlled forensic computer examination of a computer hard disk drive and other storage media is an essential part of any effective investigation that may also involve computers. Cyberlab can serve the courts, prosecutors and law enforcement agencies in such investigations where there is a valid subpoena, search warrant or wiretap order. Cyberlab can also assist businesses or corporations in internal inquiries that do not rise to the level of investigations, and which may not require subpoenas, search warrants, or wiretap orders. In both instances, Cyberlab Computer Forensics, LLC can perform computer forensic examinations of computer hard disks and related storage media according to established forensic standards.

Digital Evidence

Newly enacted federal and state laws now require the courts and the legal system to honor completely electronic transactions and electronic signatures on an equal par with paper transactions and notarized physical signatures. Federal and state courts have begun to order "digital discovery" in criminal and civil cases where computers were used to create documents, send e-mails, keep financial records, store pictures, or handle other kinds of records that may be involved in a dispute between parties. These records may be exchanged voluntarily by agreement between the parties, or involuntarily by court order. In either instance, many opportunities exist for a party to alter, forge, change, or otherwise falsify such records before turning them over to the other side. Where the parties voluntarily agree, or where there is a court order, Cyberlab Computer Forensics, LLC can forensically examine the computer(s) which created the documents to verify whether the discovered information is authentic or whether it has been altered before being submitted to the other side. We follow careful forensic procedures to insure that the evidence is admissible in court. As a neutral third party with no stake in the case, we can assist the courts and attorneys in verifying the integrity and authenticity of discovered data.

Data Recovery

People experience computer crashes or suffer data loss for many reasons. They may be victims of hackers, a computer virus, or even a failure caused by incompatible software that causes a system to "lock up" or completely crash. Sometimes the damage is so bad the computer cannot even start again. At other times, the computer user is relieved to find that the computer still works only to be alarmed to discover that important data has disappeared.

Cyberlab Computer Forensics, LLC can recover any data still residing on a computer hard disk or floppy disk so long as the disk is in normal physical working condition. (Physical rebuilding or reassembly of hard disk drives is a task we leave to others.) If the cause was a "boot sector" virus, user files are usually not affected. Such a virus only disrupts the computer’s ability to start properly but does no further damage. Boot sector viruses are the most common form of computer virus. Cyberlab can recover lost user files for the client if the crash was caused by a boot sector virus.

Some viruses and worms are more malicious and overwrite existing data. These pose special problems for data recovery, but may not have completely obliterated your valuable data. Cyberlab Computer Forensics, LLC can locate any ordinary user files or parts of files still existing on a drive corrupted by such a virus or worm.

If the crash or data loss is caused by running programs whose software is incompatible with each other or with the computer’s hardware, many times the data is not really lost, it has simply become separated from the computer’s indexing system. Computers keep an indexed record of all the data on a drive. The system uses both numbers and names. The indexing system is constantly being updated as large amounts of data are exchanged while programs are running. Occasionally the system fails, and files get orphaned from the indexing system. Since the computer relies on the indexing system to find the files, it is blind to the orphaned files and cannot find them.

Cyberlab Computer Forensics, LLC can find the orphaned files and restore their indexing system so long as the computer has not written new information to the area where the files were stored. It is very important in a computer failure not to do anything that will overwrite lost files. Call Cyberlab at the first hint that important files are missing. Let us find them for you before they get overwritten by new computer activity.

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