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Private sector battles PC fraud


Companies hire forensic experts to investigate

By Jeff Meredith

Special to the Tribune

September 17, 2001




Our chief examiner is Gary Amos, J.D., C.F.C.E.  Gary Amos is a Virginia attorney with a long and distinguished career both in the legal field and in legal education as a law professor. He has practiced in the areas of corporate law, international law, and international banking. He has taught and written in the areas of constitutional law, crime and punishment, individual rights and liberties, and jurisprudence. Gary Amos is a Certified Forensic Computer Examiner (certified by IACIS, the International Association of Computer Investigative Specialists). He is the first computer forensic attorney in the Commonwealth of Virginia. As an attorney and CFCE he is qualified to assist district attorneys and prosecutors in computer crime prosecution, to assist plaintiffís or defense counsel in civil cases involving computer evidence, or to assist defense counsel in criminal cases.

For the January 30, 2002 USA Today article quoting Gary Amos, see "[Enron] Flap Reminds Workers to Watch What They do in Cyberspace."


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