Cyberlab Computer Forensics, LLC offers a full range of computer examinations, data analysis, and data recovery services. Our services include conducting forensic computer examinations, making forensically identical copies ("exact" copies) of hard disk drives or other computer storage media, finding relevant data on computer disks, DVD/CD ROM, flash media, zip drives, portable digital communication devices, unlocking passwords, and data format conversion to a form useful and understandable by a client.

We can assist attorneys, businesses and corporations, police, prosecutors, courts, private investigators, insurance companies, accountants, fraud examiners, auditors, and victims of computer crimes or torts in any inquiry or investigation involving a computer or computer memory devices.

We can also assist businesses or individuals who have suffered a computer crash or data loss, or who have forgotten or misplaced computer passwords.

We are experienced in computer forensic analysis of computers and systems using the following operating systems: DOS, MS-DOS, Windows 3.X, Windows 95, 98, ME, 2000, XP, Linux, and numerous Apple Macintosh operating systems.

[SITE REVISION NOTICE: Please note that the Cyberlab webpage logo is being revised to remove the word investigation. Cyberlab is not a private investigation service and does not perform the work of a P.I. We are a private sector, data forensics lab. Some jurisdictions restrict the use of the term investigation to sworn members of law enforcement or to licensed private investigators who must post a department of criminal justice services registration number. In deference to those jurisdictions Cyberlab is removing the term investigation from the logo. The new logo will be posted when received from the graphic designers. Our chief examiner is a licensed Virginia attorney with law enforcement experience who has taught criminal law electives in law school and is permitted to use the word investigation. [VA CODE exemptions 9.1-140(3)&(17).]

(Special information section below added Post 911 as a public service.)

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